How much you’ll save

Listing or buying choices:
How much you will save listing  or buying your home –
When you decide to sell or buy property with us you will receive up to a 40% rebate on the selling or buying portion of the commission that is due to Affinity  Real Estate. Rebates are for any listing or purchase price over $100,000.  This rebate does not include rentals.

Commission examples    5%    5%    5%
Home sales price    $300,000  500,000  800,000
Listing Commission (L.C.)       7,500   12,500   20,000
Selling Commission (S.C.)       7,500   12,500   20,000
“Sell and Save” (L.C.) 40% returned to you at closing        3,000    5,000    8,000
Final (L.C.) fee upon closing       12,000    20,000    32,000
Your (L.C.) savings      3,000    5,000    8,000

Let us refer you to where you would like to head next and you
will receive a portion back of the referral fee upon closing.

(Note: This commission example is based on a maximum 5% selling broker commission which will be split at 2.5% between the buyer and Affinity, based on a 40% rebate, any amount over 5% will be excluded from your rebate.  Check with us for current rebate offering subject to change but will lock in

once an agreement is signed with you. )